Pavilion has moved!

Pavilion Tours merged with its sister company Equity...

Pavilion is now Equity

Pavilion Tours is now Equity

There’s no need to worry – although our name has changed we are still the same team of specialists working to create the perfect school trip that delivers inspiring learning experiences.

Until recently, Pavilion Tours and our sister companies; SkiPlan, STS, UK Connection, Sloping Off and Equity have operated under separate names. We realise that it is our experience and focus that matters most to you and have chosen to operate under one name, Equity.
As Equity we will continuously make our learning experiences more inspiring and boost the potential of young people, working closely with you to satisfy all your needs. Take a look at the Equity website and explore the many opportunities available for your school tour.

If you already have a booking with Pavilion this will not be affected.