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London, UK

London, UK

Rugby in London

Diverse, exciting and influential, London offers the ideal opportunity for students to ignite their passion for sports beyond the school grounds.

London occupies a bustling location within close proximity to several International airports, top stadiums and within an hour from training and fixture sites. Rugby fans will appreciate the possibility of professional matches at sites including Twickenham and Adam's Park.

Staff and students can relax with full board in this central accommodation where the majority of London's attractions are within a half an hour from the resort.

Free-time is taken care of with a diverse selection of shopping areas and an array of entertainment opportunities in the city, including themed restaurants and West End shows. Near the central accommodation a wide choice of sports, top stadiums and cultural excursions are also on offer.

Wider curriculum links: Offering superb sports facilities alongside welcoming London culture, a rich history and architecture spanning from several eras, London communicates a natural link between sports and other curriculum areas, including History, Art and Geography.


Pavilion's Rugby Tours

Pavilion's well-established agents can expertly match players' ages and abilities, ensuring that all students benefit from valuable training sessions.

Our professional coaches demonstrate enviable skill and professionalism, offering 90 minute training sessions that aim to generate positive learning outcomes through challenging players' decision making skills and enhancing their performance.

Practicing on natural pitches students may take advantage of excellent facilities and during certain times of year, playing school sides are likely.

Teachers can choose between training the students themselves and using a professional coach, if they prefer.

Students will enrich their learning and experiences further by playing fixtures with club teams in London, allowing them to build confidence in their cultural understanding, communication skills and sporting abilities.

During their stay, teams can expect:

  • 2 x fixtures against English Club sides
  • 2 x 90 minute training sessions
  • Possibility of playing school sides

Curriculum Values

Recognising the varied and valuable role Physical Education plays in the lives of young people, Pavilion encourages players to become responsible, reflective and successful team players.

In-line with National Curriculum Key Concepts and Processes, our programmes encourage players to:

  • Improve Performance, stamina and strength
  • Gain confidence in making and applying decisions
  • Develop precision, control and fluency
  • Integrate tactics, such as outwitting opponents, into their game
  • Improving the range, difficulty and quality of skills and techniques, including: Ball handling and protection. Changing pace and direction. Tackling, kicking, passing and receiving
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