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Prague, Czech

Prague, Czech

Drama in Prague

Prague is a compact city with incredible architecture and monuments reflecting its rich cultural history dating back to the middle ages.

The capital of Czech Republic since the end of World War I, Prague occupies a metropolitan location situated on both sides of the Vltava River. Pavilion Performing Arts groups are generally accommodated in central accommodation where Prague's attractions and the workshop spaces are accessible by foot, on your coach or by using the efficient public transport system. The weather tends to be at its best April to September and can be very cold in the winter months.

Wider curriculum links: Offering excellent facilities alongside the enriched culture, history and architecture spanning several eras, Prague communicates a natural link between Drama, the Arts and other curriculum areas, including History and Geography.

Pavilion's Drama Tours

Pavilion’s experienced and professional theatre practitioners will deliver 90 minute training sessions in dedicated studios, generating positive learning outcomes through challenging the performer's process, enhancing and encouraging creativity, competence, critical understanding and evaluation.

Tailored Drama sessions and specialist workshops are designed to meet each group’s individual needs. Teachers can specify desired aims and objectives by liaising with our Performing Arts Consultant prior to departure.

Adaptable to each group’s needs, specialisations are available in many styles of theatre, including:

  • Visual Theatre
  • Physical Theatre and Devising
  • Practitioner Studies - Grotowski, Kantor
  • Site Specific Theatre
  • Street Theatre and Outdoor performance
  • Circus Skills

During their stay, performers can expect:

  • 5 x 90 minute Drama sessions
  • A choice of specialisations*, tailored to each individual group

*Specialisations ideally require all five sessions to allow a full exploration of each theme.

Curriculum Values

Recognising the varied and valuable role that Drama plays in the lives of young people, Pavilion encourages students to explore their potential and develop confidence in their creative talents.

In-line with National Curriculum Key Concepts and Processes for Drama within English, our programmes encourage students to:

  • Practice and develop core skills, including – movement, body awareness, blocking and choreography
  • Explore the range and application of body movement and spatial awareness
  • Apply vocal and breath control skills, and develop voice projection
  • Further develop capabilities in prop use
  • Use improvisation and characterisation in their performance
  • Develop the use of text and script
  • Interact with other performers on stage and backstage
  • Evaluate their own and others’ work
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